Contemporary Impressionist


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I'm an artist, an art instructor, own an art marketing business and much more. As an artist, I strive to capture a fleeting moment in a fresh and vibrant manner.

Born in North Carolina, named after singer (ironic that I can’t carry a tune) & owned my first art book at age 8, a coffee table book on the Impressionists. Studied art in college, left after disenchantment with my art education, went into mortgage banking,only to realize that I really did mean to be artist. So the journey began. Largely self-taught, took some classes, frustrated that many teachers didn’t emphasis or even discuss fundamentals, I sought to educate myself. Art books piled high on my bedside table became my teachers, as well as a daily dose of looking at good art. Lessons well learned that I now share with my students. 

I’m now redesigning my life in southern California, balancing two art related businesses with time in the studio.